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Maybe February is not precisely the best time for standing on the 54th floor at night and trying to get a few shots. Then again, while you there you don’t want to miss out on these kind of sceneries either. I really should think about a more appropriate time for the next visit or stop-over.

I still think L.A. is overrated as hell. However, downtown is at least nice for photography. Otherwise I really don't get the hype about this city by certain people.


The weather changes in Yellowstone are amazing. We had virtually anything, from sunshine, clouds and snow, sometimes even within really short distances. Here were some stormy clouds passing us by with the sun still shining down on us.

The little fella is hanging at a house on the right-hand side of La Ramble when walking towards Plaza Catalunya. However, up until now I never had an idea what the origin is. Apparently all dates back to the mid of the 19th century when artists were strongly influenced by Japanese arts, a movement called “Japonisme”. Well, the center was actually Paris, which is not that far away from Barcelona. Well, back then it was still a one-day train ride. Hence, many artists from Catalunya spent at least some time in the French capital city. The “casa dels paraigüe” (“umbrella’s house”, on which this dude is hanging, was opened at the prime of this time. Apart from that this house is anyway a true highlight in terms of cultural design elements!

The prison island of Alcatraz has one of the best exhibitions I have seen so far. Great route throughout the the premises, interesting stories and facts, including the recreated scenes from those days. Pretty funny then to see one of the former residents outside signing his books. Hard to imagine that that guy once was one of the most dangerous man in America!

Granville Market is a fun place, definitely a must when you are in Vancouver. The bridge of the same name goes essentially right over the market, and it is a bit of a challenge to find the shortest way down. Jumping was not really an option, though.

The stones in Monument Valley, or Utah and Arizona in general, are amazing. The red can have so many different view, depending on how the sun is standing during the day, especially during sunrise and sunset. These formation are definitely something you do not see in Europe, maybe that is why I find them so awesome. Here is a different view of “The Cube”!

I gotta admit, apart from Monument Valley being simply awesome, one thing that was just great was to actually drive with our 4x4 Chevy Tahoe through the valley, damn that was fun! We were quite anyway, and you were required to leave the track before sunset (then again, what exactly does that mean?) such that we needed to really speed up at some time to chase the sun.

Monument Valley was never really on my radar, but thankfully my friend did a little more research. Actually, we were close on skipping it which happened to be a wise decision as it turned out to be one of the big highlights of our road trip. While driving down this road we could already see on the horizon what might be waiting for us, but it was way different that and simply outstanding once we arrived.

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Swiss new First Class in the Airbus A330-300: LX86 ZRH-YUL

UEFA Champions League Final 2015 in Berlin - Here's the trophy!

UEFA Champions League Final 2015 in Berlin – The #TRIPL3T for Barca!

Miniaturwunderland Hamburg- They even modeled their own building!

Miniaturwunderland Hamburg

Lufthansa new First Class in the Airbus A380-800 - A view into the cabin

Lufthansa new First Class in the Airbus A380-800: LH572 FRA – JNB

Sunset in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa 2014

Somewhere in South Africa

NFL season opening game 2014 - Not the best seats in the house, but nevertheless a good  view

NFL Football: Packers at Seahawks (NFL season opening game)

Yellowstone National Park -  Our Chevrolet Tahoe

A road trip in North America 2014: Vancouver – Las Vegas

Diving with Dolphins in Dahab

Diving with Dolphins in Dahab – The video!

Tomorrowland 2014 - Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is mystery.

Tomorrowland 2014 – Celebrating 10 years of madness

LX 39 SFO-ZRH Old First Class - The Swiss Airbus A340 at SFO

Swiss old First Class in the Airbus A340-300: LX39 SFO – ZRH

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