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The weather changes in Yellowstone are amazing. We had virtually anything, from sunshine, clouds and snow, sometimes even within really short distances. Here were some stormy clouds passing us by with the sun still shining down on us.

Any European is somewhat disappointed when Americans talk about any falls. Usually the entitle anything over 5 inch a fall. Well, the Lower Falls in Yellowstone at least deserve the name, although they are far from being impressive to us from good ol’ Europe. Nevertheless, nice to eventually see some over here too!

"The season was somehow late summer, but obviously the nature of Yellowstone itself guarantees you see more than that. This is a beautiful view from Mount Washburn, already topped with some nice snow, into the amazing width of this national park."

"It is probably quite easy to guess where the name does come from. It actually appeared only in the years after the 1959 earthquake. Crystal clear blue water and some strong boils surge here and there. One of the hotter pools out there at over 90° Celsius."

Yellowstone National Park

The mighty falls of Yellowstone

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